Application for Small Research Grant

Applications for Small Research Grants must include: (1) an Abstract, (2) a Project Proposal, (3) a Budget Statement, and (4) a copy of the IRB Approval.

A red * following a prompt indicates that a response is required.

Study Information

(yyyy-mm-dd format)
(yyyy-mm-dd format)

Indicate the current status of your project with your faculty committee.

An IRB review is required for all research projects prior to application for Small Research Grants. Note that it is up to the IRB to determine if your project meets the requirements for Exempt status.
Upload a PDF copy of your IRB approval letter or email. If your project is currently in Pending status with the IRB, you may submit this letter at a later time. However, grants cannot be awarded until the final IRB status is known.

Select a file to upload, then click the Upload button.

Provide a brief (200 words or less) abstract to describe your project. This will be used to provide a description of your project in the University's Annual Report of Achievements (ARA).

Upload a PDF document (up to six double-spaced pages) containing your project proposal. Please consult the SRG instructions document for further details about the criteria your proposal is expected to meet.

Select a file to upload, then click the Upload button.

Provide an itemized breakdown of your project's budget. Your budget total must equal the requested grant amount.

Please do not include interpreting costs in your budget. However, in the interest of budget planning, in the Budget Justification section below, please give an estimate of total hours for which you may need sign language interpreters.

Click the New Budget Item button below to add a new budget line item. Click the red X beside a budget line item to remove it.

An overall Budget Justification (500 words or less) that explains each expenditure must be included below. The key elements that should be included in this justification are:
  • A description of the expense or service
  • How it relates to and benefits the study
  • Breakdown of the anticipated cost
Example: "There are 40 subjects to be interviewed; each subject will participate for two hours and will be given $20 compensation.

Applicant Information

Gallaudet Research Priorities *

Check only priorities that your study addresses directly. For more information on these priorities, see

Review & Approval

Students: Your proposal must be reviewed and approved by a faculty member who has agreed to act as your advisor on the study.

Faculty/Staff: Your proposal must be reviewed and approved by your department chair or unit head.

A PDF copy of your application will be e-mailed to the approver you list here.